Joke Zaal Beeldend Kunstenaar

English Translation


On this website you can see old and new artworks made by me, Joke Zaal (visual artist) with additional information. A part can be seen during various exhibitions and there are also art-objects for sale. 

For questions about my art or the availability for exhibitions, please feel free to contact me.

Everyone is very much invited to come and see my work, you can view the information of my upcoming exhibitions on the main page.

With kindly regards,

Joke Zaal


Joke Zaal is a visual artist and member of the Dutch Society of Sculptors. She has taught art subjects for many years and is also trained in engineering. She lives in Doesburg, where she has her studio at home. She prefers to make spatial objects out of zinc, sometimes other materials are added or used as the main material. Zinc is preferred over copper and brass. With its grayish tones, it demands less attention, which makes the shape more prominent. Moreover, it can be effortlessly combined with other materials.
After cutting metal plates she brings them into the desired shape. She does this by floating (working metal with hammers on so-called bags). This also creates contrasts in the surface with the part that does not receive a 'treatment'. After this, the pieces are soldered together. By geometrically depicting organic shapes, or vice versa, an alienating effect is created. She tells her story in a self-chosen visual language. She finds the subjects in her living environment: beach and sea, trees, remains of plants or animals, furniture and clothing. With great pleasure she kept telling stories for her growing audience.